Shape the tone of your guitar.

Modifies the signal content just outside the fundamental frequencies of the guitar in a soft response curve. This makes it easy to dial in the amount of harmonics and sub harmonics  to the clean guitar tone, which greatly expands the tonal possibilities of any guitar. The range of the knobs permit any setting from just a little tone tweak to dramatically distinct contrasting tones.
Can be used anywhere in the signal chain for different purposes: defining your own foundation clean tone that is solid and pleasing, using as a clean tone change for different parts of a song or different songs in a set, help correct a little mismatch between the tone coming out of your amp and the one you want, change the tone or boost the output when used paired with another pedal or pedal chain, as an alternative to carrying more than one guitar to a gig in order to have a variety of sounds. It’s also great for recording and in those cases when a guitar is sent straight to the mixing board.

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