The beat of the tremolo is set by tapping on it.

Clean and full bandwidth sound for the least coloration on an entirely analog signal path. As with all of our effects the tremolo is true bypass. The ratio knob affects the factor which the tap tempo is multiplied by in fixed stepped amounts, from 4x to 1/4x the tapped frequency.

The oscillator frequency is set by tapping any even number of times on the foot switch.

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Editor’s pick Summer NAMM 2010 PremierGuitar

Power Draw:18mA

Input Impedance: 1M

Output Impedance: 10k

Jacks: 3: input, output, external switch

Tap Button Instructions:
When using the pedal without an external switch connected:
To set a new tempo:
tap on the stomp switch two times.
To change between bypass and on:
Step on the stomp switch and hold it pressed for over half a second.
External Jack Instructions:
To use the pedal with an external foot switch:
1. Unplug power.
2. Plug a normally open momentary foot switch to the jack in the front.
Reconnect power to the pedal.

Now the onboard stomp switch becomes exclusively an instant bypass switch without the need to hold it pressed to bypass. And the external switch functions as the tap input, two taps set the tempo.

Ratio Knob changes speed by multiplying the tapped tempo to the specified value in fixed stepped increments that are always in sync with the tapped beat.
For example, if you tap a 120bpm beat (1/4 notes) and the ratio knob is set at 2, the tremolo will happen at 240bpm (giving a 1/8th note duration), similarly if the ratio knob were set at 1/2 the tremolo would oscillate at 60bpm (a 1/2 note duration).

Shape morphs the control signal from square to triangle.